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When purchasing locally grown produce you reduce dependency on foreign oil, minimize food born toxins, and support the local community. Although we know not everything can be purchased locally we encourage and support many of our local businesses and encourage others to purchase from small to medium sized business first.
Every dollar spent locally is a dollar that circulates multiple times within the community more than a dollar spent at a multinational conglomerate. For a better community, buy locally.

Locally grown

Pepper Head
We love the burn and we know you do to. Although we currently grow super hots, contact us with whatever pepper or produce that you miss from your region and we will see about growing it. Our moto is to experiment always and we are up to growing anything.
We strive to grow organic high quality and safe produce. Our main objective is sustainable farming and growing in a fashion that minimizes water loss and energy consumed.

Pepper Heads

Organic Farm

We believe that food that is grown as close to the way nature has grown it forever is healthier, more nutritious and more flavorful than commercially grown produce.
We currently are not certified as organic as that cost money and we are new, to date no artificial fertilizers or pesticides have been used on our crops. In the future if we grow large enough we will get certified.

Organic Farming

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